Muscle and joint


Protocoxil is a topical anti-inflammatory gel designed at BioEkuiliber, which works fast, effectively and in all safety to ameliorate/extinguish specifically the occurrence of inflammation, through a sports injury or simply by the aging process in our joints or muscles.

Protocoxil can help

To alleviate pain and discomfort temporarily in older adults and athletes by reducing pain and inflammation in affected muscles and joints. At Bioekuiliber, we set out on a mission to provide effective inflammation relief.

Our own designed topical formula is called Protocoxil, and it is to be used to relieve inflammation and pain: from injuries or overtraining in athletes or casual weekend warriors. It is also to be used for supporting functional and pain free joints in the active middle age and Senior community. Using a topical gel as a vehicle, powerful and effective actives are deployed targeting affected areas and tissues, providing immediate relief and lasting protection.

Protocoxil can help alleviate pain and discomfort temporarily in older adults by reducing pain and inflammation in affected muscles and joints: knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers.


Inflammation is a natural biological response to injury or infection; it triggers a complex biochemical interaction of countless molecules in order for one to heal after sustaining an injury. The inflammatory episode should clear on its own in few days; instead, as a common occurrence, it becomes an unnecessarily chronic condition bearing its burdensome consequences.

This is where our formula Protocoxil shines…It is carefully designed so that the inflammation condition will clear immediately, extinguishing all associated pain on its wake, and helps ameliorate chronic inflammatory conditions on affected tissues.

In this manner, the preservation of function in injured or aged tissue is greatly increased, and the recovery time is significantly diminished, accomplishing the main objective: to keep an active and independent lifestyle, without the burden of pain or discomfort. All of the benefits are experienced with occasional use of Protocoxil’s formula with absolute discretion as it bears no fragrance or color.